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Oct. 16 2006KC Web Wireless proves 900 MHz Ubiquiti Broadband Radio Equipment
KC Web Wireless announced today that they have completed testing of the Ubiquiti 900 MHz SR-9 Super Range Non-Line-of-Sight Broadband Radio equipment. Test results have determined that this new technology will be deployed network-wide. Clients that previously could not access the line-of-sight network, can now look to KC Web Wireless as their Internet Service Provider. 900 MHz Internet Access Plans are now available. Call for special pricing.
Apr. 25 2006Motorola 900 MHz Canopy Deployed in Harrisonville, MO
KC Web Wireless announced today that a new Motorola 900 MHz Canopy System has been installed on the Harrisonville Tower. This transmitter will allow business customers without direct line-of-sight to connect to the KC Web Wireless Broadband Wireless Network. Special pricing applies to all Canopy Business plans, call 816-540-6348 for a free site survey and pricing.
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