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KC Web Dial-Up Internet Service
KC Web provides V.90 56k dial-up modem and ISDN service. All access concentrators ar using top-of-the-line Lucent Technologies equipment. A low user-to-modem ratio insures that you will never get a busy signal.

Standard Member Benefits Include:
      A phone walk-through by a technician
      Unlimited access
      10 Megabytes of personal web space
      50 Megabyte e-mail account
      Web mail access
      Spam and virus e-mail filtering
      Pop-up and Spyware Blocker
      Secure e-mail access
      Technical support 7 days a week
Service Package 56k ISDN Free Months
1 Month $16.95 $20.00 0
6 Months $79.95 $99.60 1
12 Months $159.50 $199.99 2

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